Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dynamic Adhoc Network based on Twitter Lists

I wrote a previous post (This picture says 100 words), about the use of a cool online tool Wordle.net which I used to analyze the profile descriptions of my Twitter followers, where larger words in the image represent a higher frequency of that word used. Here, I decided to apply the same methodology to the user generated Twitter Lists that my followers have so graciously added me to.  I was thinking that I could discover something about how my followers think about my tweets based on the names and descriptions of their lists.  Thankfully, nothing too disparaging... I've been called much worse. 

Wordle.net keyword mashup based on user generated Twitter lists that @PainPoint appears.

I have always been interested with "dynamic adhoc networks" so it was neat for me to see how through others actions (people adding me to a list), together have now formed a collection or description of my voice (tweets) that I could never come up with myself. Through this visualization exercise I think I may have some better understanding of my audience, or at least I better know what some my audience thinks (and perhaps expects) of me and my future content.


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