Friday, July 25, 2014


Who are the TOP FOLLOWERS of @PainPoint?  Consider this my most current #FollowFriday list.

Utilizing the export data via simplymeasured (see previous post), I continued inside Google Spreadsheet to perform various sorting of Twitter followers utilizing my own formula that incorporated the many data fields available. My formula takes the log of the factor of a twitter users Klout score with their twitter follower ratio, adjusts by a percentage of the number of lists one appears, and lastly props up those with higher topical relevance.

In other words, I expect the Twitter leaders below to remain top followers regardless of subtle algorithm changes. Please note that these accounts below do not explicitly endorse me in any way. A follow on Twitter is not an endorsement.

Collectively, the accounts above have a total Twitter follower count over 2 Million people, presumably most of whom consider themselves central within the IT Industry. 

Please consider this my #FollowFriday list, so go ahead and follow one or all of them and tell them I sent you! 

-Andy Fields

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