Monday, October 13, 2014

I used Many Eyes to analyze my Twitter and Linked-In networks

Here are a few of my recent visualizations courtesy of "Many Eyes" ... in no particular order.

The first chart below breaks down the distribution of Klout score of my followers.  I guess I like to see where I rank among my followers, as well, I'm happy to see lots of folks with higher scores follow me too. Something about surrounding yourself with smart people.

Update: New post Klout Analysis of 5,000 IT Professionals that expands on this first graph.

Below is a Word chart showcasing the location of all my Twitter followers.  The larger the city or State represents where the lot of you currently call home. I just now realized I screwed up "Australia" by removing "US" text from the dataset.

Many Eyes offers cool tree-view type breakdowns of any and all the free text you feed it.  Here's a quick view looking at occurrences of "we can help" in a given dataset. 

Below is a mashup showing the use of "Senior" and "Engineer" converging among the titles of my Linked-In connections. Many Eyes calls these "Phrase Net" Visualizations.

Below is Phrase Net on the term "AND" found in the Titles of my Linked-In connections.

Finally, for fun below is Word Cloud visualization from my Linked-In network of over 10,000 connections, mostly categorized as Information Technology professionals.  The larger name represents the frequency of that given FirstName in my dataset. How are you doing John, David, Michael, David, Paul, James and Mark?  High Five to rest of you dudes for reading!

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