Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ReTweet Record at 1/2 Million Impressions!

I'm an IT guy, but one of the few not also claiming to be a "cloud computing" expert. However, I do know a thing or two about industry security and performance "pain points" that are common across Corporate Enterprises and Federal Agencies.

Compounding the confusion is the marketing noise continuously repackaged by competing Vendors who are in a constant battle trying to distinguish their solution (suite) from other marketeers. If you listen closely to you may even realize many of them seem to be reading from the same script!

Please feel free to ReTweet me here and join the 90+ people who already agree this market is a too "clouded" and would benefit from a better way of comparing tools and processes.!/PainPoint/status/156748634640228353

Chart via showing my record tweet

As a new media entrepreneur, I am happy to see my post has achieved more than 500,000 potential impressions while at the same time helping promote use of the #painpoint hashtag and driving a good handful more signups to Please check out the survey by clicking the red "What's your Pain Point?"