Thursday, September 8, 2011

This picture only says 100 words

I'm supposed to be a "new media entrepreneur..." at least this is what I often tell myself while pondering about my current career path. So for more than a few minutes a day I contemplate about the right type of content that would be compelling to my future customers, investors, vendors, analysts and other media organizations.  I look for revenue trends in technology news websites and social media networks and waste way too many thought cycles on radical ideation of  new "social network systems."  Perhaps I should just buckle down and get started on creating some sort of content?  OK, so what to create? What would be interesting for my audience? One "Pain Point" I have is that I don't really know my audience.

Top 100 words in the profiles of followers of @PainPoint

So to help overcome this problem, I decided to spend a few minutes with CSV exports, some minor Excel manipulation and of course most of magic here performed by created by Jonathan Feinbert @pheinberg. What you see above are the top 100 words that appear in the profiles of my ~4,500 Twitter followers with larger words representing a higher frequency of that word used.

Does this picture help me better understand my audience?  A bit perhaps... but if so then it should also help my audience understand each other better.... which was my real goal all along.

-Andy Fields
CEO Vendor Voice Media, LLC
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What tools or websites do you use to "better know your audience?"  Feel free to comment below.

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