Tuesday, March 13, 2018

5 Tech Tweets for 5 Million Impressions!

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Hello followers of @PainPoint!  My 7,000 Twitter followers are mostly IT professionals (like you) ranging from hands on developers, network troubleshooters, C-level executives, industry analysts, security researchers, and corporate accounts managed by tech savvy marketers.  This post is designed to highlight some of my recent "successes" in terms of popular tweets that have traversed across these many Twitter technology circles.

I appreciate all your ReTweets, Likes and Comments.  Stay tuned to @PainPoint for more!

Tweet: https://twitter.com/PainPoint/status/962099790736588800
Impressions: 2.7M
Media Views: 250k
Engagements: 162k

Tweet: https://twitter.com/PainPoint/status/968523682250342400
Impressions: 680k
Media Views: 134k
Total Engagements: 39k

Tweet: https://twitter.com/PainPoint/status/966749439963508736
Impressions: 600k
Media Views: 52,500
Total Engagements: 32,800

Tweet: https://twitter.com/PainPoint/status/968513516205260802
Impressions: 690k
Engagements: 21k
Retweets: 4,100

Tweet: https://twitter.com/PainPoint/status/968513516205260802
Impressions: 277k
Total Engagements: 28k

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Best regards,
Andy Fields @PainPoint

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