Monday, February 15, 2016

Twitter Audience Insights

On my last post I used a 3rd party tool called "Simply Measured" to perform the analysis of my Twitter audience (followers of @PainPoint)

Then by sheer coincidence I noticed that Twitter offers some level of analytics too.  Below are some highlights from their "Audience Insights" tab.

First we show Interests with % of audience. Technology News is the type of content my audience expects with a high showing of Computer Networking and Business / Marketing Interests. 

Next we have Gender breakdown with Household income and Net Worth Categories. 

Next we have Education and Home Ownership.  I guess it's a good number that 62% of my followers have completed college degrees, nearly 25% have completed graduate school, and 75% own a home. I suppose these are all good numbers to show off the collective smarts of the @PainPoint audience. 

Twitter Analytics natively offers data about the mobile plans of your followers. 

Finally a little bit about location of my audience.

And without pasting another image, Twitter analytics tells me that 42% of my audience uses IOS devices and 30% uses Android. I'm not sure exactly what if any surprise data exists here, but in general perhaps Twitter Analytics can offer a good validation of the followers you have and based on their interests you have good validation of types of future content you should offer. 

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