Thursday, February 4, 2016

Twitter Audience Update

Hello PainPoint fans!

It's 2016 so lets review the current status of @PainPoint followers on Twitter.  I've always made it a point over the years to connect on Twitter with the top movers and shakers in the IT Community with an online presence, and I'm happy to see everyone here that has stuck around. 

Below is the Audience Follower Distribution of my followers, the data is derived using "Simply Measured" free online tools. This shows the breakdown of @PainPoint 6,000 followers where X-axis is the number of followers for each follower of PainPoint.  Looking deeper into the data, of the 2500 followers that tweeted this week (since Feb 1), 20% of have over 10,000 followers and a solid 42% of PainPoint followers have over 2,500 followers themselves. 

Dipping into the Top Keywords of my audience, we can see that "tech" leads the pack with other TOP KEYWORDS including "Business", "Technology", "Cloud" and "Software".  YES!  These are the types of people I hope will continue following @PainPoint

How many people are really seeing my tweets?  Below we can see that 33% of my followers have tweeted in the last 24 hours... so there's a good real 2,000 active daily and another 1,000 people that have tweeted in the last week.  So generally about half of our audience theoretically would be seeing my tweets weekly.

A few stand-out accounts that follow me:

@MSCloud - They follow less than 300 accounts and one of them is @PainPoint.  This account has grown to reach 534,000 followers!   This is an astounding 1800% follower ratio.

A ratio above 20 is already outstanding.  For example @CiscoLive follows 2,000 people, but has an audience of 20x that at nearly 50,000 followers.  @NetworkWorld follows 3500 people, but has an audience 25x at nearly 90,000 followers.  Going up the list more @PainPoint superstar followers include @IBMSystems, @EMCcorp, @Forrester, @CIOInsight, @CIOonline, and @IntelITCenter. Some of these well curated accounts cross the 100x ratio with over 200,000 followers.

Other notable and interesting followers of @PainPoint include:
@FCC_CIO, @E_Kaspersky, @HPE_Cloud, @ProfWoodward, @DefenseIT, @CIO_Australia
@Gartner_inc and @TechTarget

Overall, the state of Twitter seems to remain strong in the tech community. I look forward to once again offering useful and interesting content around the products I represent in the IT Market.

-Andy Fields

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